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Yang Jun-il is lying to say that there is no hidden daughter?

Yang Jun-il had explained that there was no hidden daughter in "Video Star".
A person who says Yang Jun-il's words are a lie has reappeared.

In a YouTube comment in March, A said that Yang Jun-il's daughter looked a lot like Yang Jun-il.
Yang Jun-il said he was lying.

A said, Divorce is something anyone can do, but it was too irresponsible for his ex-wife and daughter, and said there is more to reveal.

Lee Hyo-ri apologized for visiting Girls' Generation Yoona and Karaoke.

On July 1, Lee Hyo-ri visited the karaoke room after a light drink with his acquaintances including Yoona.
I took pictures in karaoke and broadcast live.

When I saw people's worried comments, I immediately came out of the karaoke room and went home to each other.

I had to be more careful because of COVID-19, but I did not, he apologized to the public.
Lee Hyo-ri said he was sorry that Yoona seemed to have suffered damage.

Yoona also posted a picture of the apology by writing it on paper by hand.

Kim Jun-hee posted a photo of her younger husband and a hotel.

Kim Jun-hee, CEO and broadcaster of the shopping mall, posted a photo.

On the 2nd, Kim Jun-hee posted several photos taken at a hotel in Gangneung.

Kim Jun-hee showed a happy pose with her younger husband.

Kim Jun-hee married a non-entertainer in May and runs a shopping mall together.